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Lazy W Leather Tack!!

Handmade Spurs!!

Gift Certificates!!

Breeding Fee Giveaway!!

All-Around Prize!!


***This is a Winter Series you won't want to miss! Not only are there great prizes and money to be won, but this facility features a 125 x 200 HEATED indoor arena AND the ground is the BEST in the area! We take pride in having amazing ground for everyone to run on! There is plenty of room for everyone to park as well as places to tie horses inside the barn!!

***Each "D" will have places back to 4th place for the series!

**There will be a Youth (16&under) Sidepot at each run. You will run in the Open and your time will be carried over to the sidepot. NOTE: This will have it's own separate awards for a $15 membership fee. Points from the Youth Sidepot will NOT count towards the Robbie Phillips Saddle Giveaway! If your youth chooses BOTH memberships (open and youth), it is $35 total 

***The NFR Run will be part of the Winter Series points, and it WILL be part of the Robbie Phillips Saddle giveaway. It will be set on the Thomas and Mack stakes! This run will have Added $$ and a Buckle to the winner!!

***Like last spring, we will be doing a Breeding Fee Giveaway that is good for year 2022-2023 to either of the Stallions that stand at Webb Ranches. BW Zetallic {2022 Stud Fee: $1,200 (Metallic Cat x BA Famous Zena)} & BW Untresable {2022 Stud Fee: $1,000(Tres Seis x BA Famous Zena)}. Winner to pay fees if breeding is NOT done by Webb Ranches (example: $250 shipping and any collection fee after the 1st collection). These will again be a Target Time just like last year. Whoever runs the closest time between the run on January 22nd and February 26th, will win a Free Breeding to one of the stallions listed above. We WILL do a "Buy Back" also just like last year. So, say you tip at the Run on January 22nd or you are not happy with your run, you can pay a $40 "Buy Back Fee" at the Race on January 22nd and get yourself back in the running for the Breeding Fee Giveaway. I have chosen to do the Buy Back on a separate date because some horses may run on Lasix and are not able to run twice in a day. Winner will be established on February 26th! The Target Time will be established off the 1st Opens at each of these runs!

**The FINALS run in the series which is April, 23rd, will have ADDED $$ & 75% PAYBACK ON ENTRY FEES!! If you cannot be at the run April 23rd and you win a prize, the winner will have to make arrangements to pick them up with me when I am in Sioux Falls for work, at a barrel race, ect... I WILL NOT SHIP!!


***Must have paid the $25 series membership to be eligible for any series prizes. The membership is PER horse OR you must declare what horse you are choosing to do your series points on before the run that day if running multiple horses. You may run more than one horse for the series prizes and saddle, but you then need to pay the membership for both of those horses to be eligible.

***To be eligible to win the saddle, you must attend at least 8 of the 11 Series Points Runs. You can acquire points from all 10 races, but you have to attend a minimum of 8 scheduled dates. Attending the NFR Run DOES count for points for the Robbie Phillips Saddle!!!

***We will have 2 opens at each race. However, series and saddle points are only coming from the 1st Open Run at each Barrel Race.

***For each "D" Win you will acquire 10 points, second place in each "D" is 9 points, third in each "D" is 8 points, and so on down the line. They are then compiled into a whole and whoever has the most points at the end, will win the Robbie Phillips Saddle. This is how I have been able to make it the most fair for every level of rider willing to come support this Barrel Racing Winter Series.

***In case of a tie. It will come down to who won the most "D's" and if they are the same then whoever had the most "2nd places in each D" and so on down the line till a winner is established.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me via facebook messenger or my number is on the flyer!

These runs are Sanctioned with PEWC and Can Run Productions!


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