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At Webb Ranches you can breed to any of our stallions with only a $200 non-refundable booking fee. The remainder of the breeding fee is due only when the mare is in foal. Yep. If your mare doesn't settle, you're only out on the booking fee. We HAVE NEVER charged a chute fee, collection fee, or in-foal fee when breeding to one of our stallions standing at Webb Ranches (this excludes Embryo Transfers). So, there are NO hidden fees. We perform our own AI and Embryo Transfers (please see contracts for additional costs). We DO NOT CHARGE for diagnostic ultrasounds, only for the pregnancy determination. U.S. shipping fees are $250. Mare care is $13 dry, $15 wet. We have 35+ years experience in this game and have a 95% conception rate on our embryo transfers.

Give us a call or drop us a contract. You won't be disappointed!

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