I was only able to spend a short time with Bogie due to having to get hip surgeries, but in the amount of time I was there he helped me tremendously. When I was able to get back to riding I was able to apply new knowledge both on the ground and in the saddle. I would highly recommend working with Bogie if given the opportunity. 


In 2014, I interned at Webb Ranches mid-May through the beginning of August. I had had a tough first year of college at SDSU in Brookings and this was my first summer away from home, so I did not have a lot of confidence in myself. During the first half of the summer, I kept to myself and would often go home on the weekends, unfortunately. If I could go back and redo that summer, I would definitely do things a bit differently so that I could make even more of the time I spent there. With that being said, I gained a lot as it was. Not only did Bogie teach me skills that made me confident enough to start my own horse training business (Lexy Nuesch Horse Training), but he also helped me learn to start being more confident in myself. I have returned to the ranch even after my internship. I spent a majority of 2014-15 Christmas Break there and visited after that. I am confident that I would not be where I am today in many aspects of my life if not for Bogie and the things that I learned during and after my internship.


With the help of Bogie, I became confident, not only in my riding but in life itself. All the long hours and hard work put in, paid off immensely. I learned a lot about training, breeding, and horses during my internship. Everyday I’m grateful for the opportunity to have been an intern at Webb Ranches.


Early 2019 I got some assistance from Bogie. I'm only a few years into barrel racing and the mare I have is quite young. I broke her myself a few years ago, so I've accepted the challenge of us both being pretty green. Towards the end of last season I began having a consistent issue with my mare on the barrels. Some friends and I happened to be riding at Webb's one day and he came out and gave us all a quick lesson. That 20 minutes alone nearly solved the issue I had been having for months. I went back for another lessons a few weeks later and now my mare and I are on the path to success!


2016 was the summer that changed my life, working with Bogie and learning how to read horses, break horses, train horses and breed horses was the best experience I could ever ask for, I never knew what I was capable off until Bogie pushed my comfort zones and believed in me. He in my eyes is one of the best coaches & trainers any one can ask for. Not only did I learn life time skills and experiences that I will forever use I made life long friends and memories that I will cherish forever. Since being back in Australia I am now confidently breaking & training horses and just recently finished runner up for the Australian title and I couldn't have achieved that without the help of Bogie. If your hesitant about the internship in anyway, Don't be cause it will be the best experience of your life and so much fun !


I was an intern at Webb Ranches for the summer of 2017. There I learnt some skills that completely changed the way I ride. Bogie's style is like no other, his way of starting and training will work on any horse. He is a brilliant horseman, and a great teacher, and will always tell you like it is. If I could go back and do the internship again, I would do it in a heartbeat. It is such a fantastic opportunity that will shape you as a horse trainer for the rest of your life.