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We are excited to offer the opportunity to be part of our 6th consecutive year of our Colt Start Challenge program.

This internship is intended to challenge you and grow both as a person and a horseman. Read through our testimonials or we can put you in contact with previous interns if you have any questions or concerns!

This is NOT a loper or stall cleaning internship, this is HANDS ON work with unbroken horses, advanced breeding techniques and business operations. We welcome interns internationally.

**You do not need to be a barrel racer to succeed in our program!**

Webb Ranches offers opportunities throughout the year with the primary focus being during late Spring and early Summer months. From April through September is our busiest time for a variety of activities including started our 2 year olds, breeding and foaling. We stand stallions, complete our own semen collection, artificial insemination and also perform our own embryo transfers with a 94% success rate. This is far from a loper or stall-cleaning position. We are dedicating to teaching our interns anything they would like to learn! Throughout the Summer, interns are working hands-on to learn how to get horses quiet, soft and respectful. There are a wide variety of age horses they can applies Bogie's techniques to. We host our annual Webb Ranches Colt Start Challenge the first weekend in August to showcase their 2 year old colts and acquired skills. The competitors are individuals we have hosted from May to August. The Webb Ranches Colt Start Challenge Champion is awarded a trophy saddle with skill level prizes in addition. If the intern desires, we welcome our interns into our newer home and provide a bedroom, amenities and meals for $300 per month.


Please realize that this is a very intense program and you will learn A LOT. THIS IS FOR EXPERIENCED RIDERS ONLY.

WE WILL TRAIN YOU! You do not need COLT STARTING experience specifically, but experienced riding skills. Please do not take this lightly! Timid or inexperienced riders are NOT suitable for this position, we are looking for candidates to take un-touched 2 year olds and teach them skills up to bridle-less riding. We are not set up to teach introductory skills. It requires a great deal of physical work and mental focus. We have a GREAT time on the ranch, but the work needs done too. We need a harmonious group to live and work together day in and day out.
You will get out of this internship what you are willing to put into it.

Please be aware of that when you apply!


  • Approximately May through August (Can be arranged to be earlier or stay later, but must be present between these dates)

  • Responsibilities Include:

    • Breaking assigned horses and progressing older horses​

    • Feeding and caring for 70+ horses

    • Assisting with foaling, AI's, Embryo Transfers and more

  • Unpaid position with opportunity to live on-site​

  • Potential opportunities to compete on Webb Ranches horses


  • 17 years of age or older

  • Hands on experience with horses

  • Motivated, hard-working individual!

  • Ability to get along with 3-4 other individuals


  • Please read through ALL of the information detailing the internship

  • Submit application online or print and mail application


​Webb Ranches - Volin, So. Dakota


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